Thursday, June 17, 2010

Inspiration? Or Just Dreaming...

So I made a little inspiration collection here. I LOVE my blue walls but apparently I want more texture and things like seagrass, paper and linen.

I just love the harmony of the neutrals and wood tones in this one. And the interest brought in with the art and lampshades (and the orange footstool!)

This one is pretty darn neutral (and a hair too country for me) but I like the cozy look of the bedding and the interesting lighting (again).

Curtains! I love the blue with those curtains and that lovely wood. I never know what to do with my curtains when my windows are so short. They might be a nice place to bring in some pattern, though. But what do you do when your dresser is under the window? Shove the curtains behind it? Or pull it way out from the wall so they can still hang?

Six-Drawer Dresser.
$699 -

Mid-Century Rocker Chair
$288 -

Four-Drawer Chest.
$499 -

Arabica Sheet Set -
$170 -

Kiosk Table Lamp
$266 -

$50 -

Yes it's pretty neutral, but remember those blue walls! I am thinking I could go with a cool taupe for the duvet cover and get some of this effect. I am also wondering how well my dresser would take a refinishing... I need to figure out how to aim for cool blues and browns instead of having a fight on my hands with cool blues vs. warm browns. Any thoughts/advice out there?

I am thinking the best way to start this is by properly addressing bedding and lighting options. Dressers will have to suffer the eternal Craigslist hunt, unless something amazing pops up... hmm, maybe I should go check!


Mackenzie {Design Darling} said...

i can't wait to see what you come up with! you can't go wrong with inspiration like this and a color palette of blues and browns.

LOJO said...

I like those pics- as for the curtains- I have a dresser under a window and I have it out a bit so the curtains go behind.....

Anne (in Reno) said...

Thanks ladies, now I wish I had a source for those curtains! I will post pictures of whatever I finally decide on, as soon as I order it, I promise.