Sunday, June 6, 2010

Weekend Update (Where's Jane Curtin When I Need Her?)

The combination of a week off and complete internet failure means a LOT of stuff gets done. First, let me explain. My new work schedule is eight ten-hour days in a row followed by six days off in a row. Plus Memorial Day. Makes for some quality getting-shit-done time.

1. Inherited some silver from my in-laws when they moved. Silver polish is a very satisfying thing, let me tell you.

Anybody have any ideas what to do with a nice candy dish? Sadly, I can't put candy in it. I will eat it ALL.

2. Planted and set the drip up in the ENTIRE front yard. Now our trees and little patch of lawn will survive me being gone. And maybe even look somewhat respectable!

Yes I still have to bury all that drip line. But those are plants! And they are going to liiive! And why am I suddenly sounding like Gene Wilder?

There is almost no lawn and I really would like it to be happy. Same with the silly junipers. Now that they are getting proper water hopefully they will all perk up. Especially that one to the right of the door, I'm worried about him. Everything else just needs time to grow in and fill out. And a little more weeding, we had a really wet spring so the weeds are particularly lush. Of course.

3. FINALLY finished that table I brought home after Christmas to refinish. No pictures of it in situ yet, we have to move the stereo. But that's on this afternoon's To Do list.

And SCB, I will try to get a meme up before I leave so you have something to distract you from all this peace and quiet in this little corner of the blogosphere. Helllloooooo...hellooo...hello...


LOJO said...

I'm more than a litle worried about that juniper by your door :)

good going on the drip line- can't wait to see the table!

scb said...

Accomplishments a-plenty! Well done!

I'm looking forward to the meme... *sits down to wait patiently*

Anne (in Reno) said...

Lorijo, tell me about it! I hope we don't have to yank it, we'll never get the roots out!

And SCB, I'll post for you in the a.m. before I leave ;) hope you like it.