Sunday, June 20, 2010

Photographic Proof Nevada Is Pretty

It's true, it's true! And one of the perks of working every other week in the middle of nowhere is that I get to see quite a bit of it. Big pictures, though, so I won't put in eight billion. Just maybe five billion.

My favorite kind of paintbrush.

Home sweet home for seven nights.

Desert skies do the craziest stuff.

Yes we burned this. The lupine thanks us.

The lone white lupine. That sounds like it should be a code for something. Like, "The white lupine blooms at midnight" And then they give you the key to the secret safety deposit box.

God I love paintbrush.

This was taken out the window of the truck (somebody else was driving). Desert skies are craaazy.

I'm not taking my camera this week but if we go somewhere awesome I'll take it again on the next trip. Right now I have to go finish packing. Have a good week, everyone!

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LOJO said...

I love the deserts in Nevada, New Mexico and Arizona.... I used to love going out in the spring when the desert was in bloom.... great pics!