Tuesday, June 15, 2010

On Posts That Don't Post (Or, Here's Last Week's Meme!)

Having triumphed over a bunch of projects and begun looking forward to my next batch, I want to know:

What current projects are on your summer slate?

What are you avoiding/looking forward to doing?

What will you be hugely relieved to have taken care of?

What do you wish you could do but are unable to (due to time or budget constraints)?

I'm a little flexible on time scale here, especially if you just finished something cool and need encouragement to post pictures. Fantasizing is also encouraged.

What current projects are on your summer slate? For me the big ones were the front yard and the table (see previous post). Other than that I have a couple of rooms to finish painting/repaint and some bargain hunting for garden furniture. I'd also like to find a good dresser and refinish it if necessary. I'd LOVE to rework my whole bedroom but I don't really have the budget for that.

What are you avoiding/looking forward to doing? Hanging the new bamboo blind in the kitchen. I have been stalling on this one for a LONG time but it needs to get done, it is taking up useful storage space now. And it will look really nice. So I am looking forward to the looking nice bit, just no the climbing around over the sink with a screwdriver bit.

What will you be hugely relieved to have taken care of? In the future, that damn blind. Past, the damn drip in the front yard. Future, I still need to bury all the drip lines in the yard. Also, possibly drip the backyard since the front looks like it's going to be very happy getting watered regularly.

What do you wish you could do but are unable to (due to time or budget constraints)? The aforementioned bedroom - the bed isn't really changeable and Matt's shrine to 80's media isn't changing unless some components finally kick the bucket. The best I think I can do is some better bedding (and hopefully a nice mod dresser if I can find one, now that I am secure in my refinishing skills). A duvet cover is one of the first goals, as the only place that seems to have any in this Super Queen size that I need for my summer-weight duvet is The Company Store. So it's just between plain and organic or cutely patterned and not organic. In my heart of hearts I want it all to be lots of Johns - Robshaw and Adler, to be precise. But in my budget of budgets they are not even in the running.
Nobody seems to have a decent print so I am probably just going to try and find a decent sort of a faded blue-gray that won't fight with the paint job since the wall color is what I'm really fond of here. Well, the wall color and the mirror. Everything else I have tried to rearrange and now I am just hoping Craigslist can help me do a little upgrading instead.

So what are your summer projects? I know you've got them... repainting the bathroom? Hanging more British-themed art on your walls? Finishing the big closet reorganization? Dyeing your hair purple? Learning Mandarin? Rereading all the Harry Potter books? What are your diabolical plans? Or what do you wish they were...


scb said...

Purple hair dye sounds like fun! It would certainly make people around me sit up and take notice! (Dratted allergies... I'd at least go auburn if it weren't for the allergies!)

I will do the meme this morning!

Thank you!!!

Anne (in Reno) said...

I can't wait! Although I will admit, purple hair doesn't sound so much Elegant Creative to me as it does Entertainingly Quirky. I can't picture it on Dame Julie, for starters.

scb said...

FINALLY got my post done!

What, you can't see Dame Julie with purple hair???? *grin* Her latest auburn is pretty dark... but no, it's not purple.