Saturday, July 26, 2008

Leavin... (and I WISH it was on a jet plane)

So, as you may have picked up (or not), I have played the tuba for something like 15 years (started in 6th grade, if that helps). I love playing. Not enough to try and make a career out of it though. I have a small group that I play with (we do weddings!) and a bigger brass band that I have been taking a break from to get my thesis done. Basically I have hardly been playing at all while I polished all the writing and presenting off.

But I just finished my first REAL final draft (which I will be turning in as soon as I get final approval and fix the page numbers on that one stupid stupid page, one page out of 82 and I can't get the correct page number, dammit). So tomorrow, I leave for Band Camp.

Yes, Band Camp. Fodder for a million crappy jokes after that stupid American Pie movie. What this is is actually a chamber music workshop. I get to go play all day with a bunch of good musicians, and do a concert every night for musicians only. No audience. And then the next day, you get to play all day with a DIFFERENT bunch of good musicians. And they're not like my band, we play house parties for older ladies and they like showtunes. Showtunes are lovely, I grew up on them. These people will play Bach fugues with me. DO you know how hard it is to find four people to play fugues with?

So, I'm all packed up and ready to go. I leave at 8 am tomorrow since it is something like a 6.5 hour drive. But it will be worth it. I will be staying in the dorms and Matt will be making a mess of the house without me. And it will STILL be worth it.

Bach fugues, I say!
Although I will be taking my laptop in case any of my committee members wants anything else in my final draft (or knows how to fix that one page numbering issue), so I will probably still be checking in. Anyways, point is, everybody have a great rest of the weekend and I'll "see" you all in a week!


drwende said...

*waves bye-bye for a week*

What an immensely fabulous idea! Have fun!

Mella DP said...

That is beyond cool. Have fun!

Cheryl said...

I missed you last week! Have a blast, though :-)

scb said...

Bach fugues... sounds wonderful!

(Now I'm going to have a Bach organ fugue going around in my head for the morning -- and this is a very very good thing.)