Wednesday, July 2, 2008

To Do?

Really need to do:
  • start on my PowerPoint presentation for my defense, it shouldn't take too long but I need to get to it sooner than later, I am still waiting for feedback on my final draft in case there's any more changes I need to make (please no).
  • go to the gym, slacker!
  • put a coat of paint on the random chair I found in the attic. Sturdy, but after I sanded it down it doesn't really look good enough to stain and keep. We'll see how spare flat interior paint works before I go buy new paint, it's a gorgeous color so it might be ok...
  • organize food for backyard BBQ Saturday night. Family is in town and Matt's band has a gig so I will be feeding them all after the gig.
  • stop shopping for clothes online. I don't need anything desperately right now so I need to quit it. Also drop of a bag of clothes at the new clothing resale store and see if I can get cash for them...
Misc. Goals:
  • finish painting the porch beams white
  • rent a pressure washer to clean nasty green paint off concrete porch floor
  • get house numbers and put them up (old ones got taken down when trim was painted)
  • get new mailbox to go with new house numbers? In my dreams, maybe. The old one is nasty and gold, but new ones are not cheap. It would look a billion times better though so it will be worth it when I finally find one.
I have been hacking back some stuff in the yard but Matt took my camera on his business trip so I can't document. The neighbors' wisteria (gorgeous but nasty) is now firmly against the fence and on their trellises, instead of fighting me over my tomatoes. And my pretty maple has lost a couple of the lowest branches, you can almost walk under it now. I will need a proper tree pruner to get any farther on that but there is a branch that is leaning on the roof that I don't like the look of right now.

I am loving my garden right now though, all my herbs are relatively happy and I have four (count them, FOUR) cherry tomatoes! Matt threatened to pick them last week but he knew he would be in big trouble if he did so I am still checking on them every morning and they are so cute! This is the most ambitious my vegetable garden has ever been, and I am really getting some concrete plans for the structure it will need to be more productive and attractive next summer. So there will be some disassembly/reassembly in that corner in the fall (or early spring, depending on time/budget since I want to build some proper raised beds there). My big rainbow and yellow something-or-other are still looking a little peaked but my green zebra is getting lusher and happier now that it is aphid-free so I have high hopes for it! Pictures soon...

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