Thursday, August 7, 2008

All sorts of stuff: I'm done, and on a spree.

So I did it. I turned it in. All of it. That means it's over. While I listen to Matt in the other room practicing guitar and the news telling him about all the programs getting cut at UNR since there is no budget and the new Dean is all sorts of charming expletives, all I can say is

"glad I'm outta there"

and all he can say is

"Hell yes"

I did my research at an affiliated but much superior institution, and UNR facilitated that, but I am so glad I don't have to go back there. It's getting bigger and more useless and non-functional by the minute. But that doesn't matter to me anymore. I even took back my overdue library books (ooo, I really wanted to keep Grassland Dynamics) and paid my fines so my record should be nice and clean. I have to call back next week and make sure everything went through, otherwise I am officially gradjamated as of next Friday. Ta Dah!

So maybe I went on a little bender. I am having issues with the boringness of my wardrobe. And I am realizing that I now have time to read for pleasure again. So it started with this.I have been coveting this on the website for weeks. The neckline detail is tiny studs. Not bad for Banana Republic, I say. I just came back from a week away realizing I wore basically the same thing every day, and while there is something to be said for consistency, I bored myself. Sometimes interesting accessories just aren't enough. This looks much more interesting in person, I promise.
This I just liked. I just have no idea how to add interest to my wardrobe. I am stocked with basics in nice colors and neutrals, and they are boring. I am big and broad-shouldered so I shy away from ruffles and prints and, I am now realizing, basically any visual interest at all. That's why I have been going for bigger jewelry. The other day I was thinking, hmm, this outfit needs a big chunky belt. That thought has never crossed my mind in my life. I hate belts. They are uncomfortable and if my pants fall off without them then I need different pants. But this was a capital-b Boring outfit and a belt would have added some visual interest. Maybe I just need to cut back on reading fashion blogs for a while.Not to be read after dark with my overactive imagination. A classic of the genre, which is apparently horror, and not sci-fi as I originally thought. It also includes a bunch of other short stories besides the one they made the movies out of. It may or may not be a keeper, I usually like lighter stuff but this just sounded compelling for some reason.And this was on the used shelf for six bucks. How could I say no? Although I guess there's about three more so I need to get organized and hit the library for those, I'm almost done with this one.


Mella DP said...

Congrats on being done "for real"! (And SCB and my mother will be delighted to know you've paid your library fines.)

scb said...

Hallelujah!!! Yay for YOU!!!

(And yes, yay for paying library fines. Libraries love people who do that. Hmmm... guess I should return my overdue library books, I'm setting a very bad example.)