Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Palate Cleanser

There is only so long I could stare at that ABBA picture at the top of my page. Thus: Talking Heads/David Byrne with the Tosca Strings. Not a guilty pleasure, this one. No guilt whatsoever. Everyone should go see this guy if he's in your town. One of the best live shows I've seen, and that was before I knew much Talking Heads, he just puts on that good of a show. As in, possibly up there with David Bowie and Paul Simon.

Is that a better meme? Best live performance you've ever seen? I guess I skew towards older pop musicians when it comes to what I will fork over the cash for. Although, tomorrow night is the Beck show, that should be interesting, it will be the only concert I've been to all summer, and we'll see how my favorite little Scientologist stacks up...

Number one in Syria!


Alana in Canada said...

Well, Lazy was wonderful!

I like it whe he slides his voice up high. And I loved the chapel, too.

Thanks for the great wake-me-up this morning!

Enjoy your concert.

(Ps I've only seen three "rock" concerts in my life. (And one was The Grateful Dead, so I'm not sure that counts). The best one was Elvis Costello with oh, my brain isn't awake yet--that band from Winnipeg with the guy wth the long hair and freakishly deep voice.)

lorijo said...

Spending my 20's and 30's in Austin means I have to many live performances under my belt to be able to have a "best". During South by Southwest we would see up to 10 per night. I spent at least one night per week for 20 years going to live performances.

That said- I went to see " G Love and Special Sauce" about 10 years ago and LOVED them. Oasis was also very good- except they pulled some chick out of the audience rather early and left their band playing onstage while they did...whatever.....