Saturday, August 16, 2008

Full of win

It's a project day! Matt is gone for the day so I have a. a batch of tomatoes drying in the oven, b. two coats of paint on the laundry room (pleasant medium greeny-brown, drying a little dark but looking nice), and c. strange jazz on the stereo.

Then I suddenly realize, Matt is gone, and I am the only one home.

So now I'm blasting ABBA.

Like I said, full of win. Maybe it's that little bit of Swedish heritage, when I was a kid I loved Ace of Base, and now I have grown up a bit I have found the real deal. I am a total music snob about so many genres, but there is a big blind spot right deep in my soul, and it is shaped like ABBA.


Mella DP said... and John McCain, yes? ;)

Anne (in Reno) said...

Oh god no. Ruin it for me, why don't you.

drwende said...

*duck and cover*

I react to ABBA roughly the way lorijo reacts to Neil Diamond.

Of course, for a while, everything I tried on Pandora reverted to Depeche Mode within 6 songs. Then I managed to stump them so badly that they kept playing the band I used as the seed, which they're not supposed to do.

Mella DP said...

Pandora has any number of algorithm issues. If it plays George Harrison, I find there's a 95% chance the next song will be Paul McCartney. And once I got it to play nothing but Natalie Merchant, Morrissey, and Aphex Twin for almost two hours straight.

lsaspacey said...

Anne, you are not alone. Guess who was a member of the official ABBA fan club in Junior High and still has the whole packet and her ID card? ;)

And do you know who was president of the Fan Club at that time? Burt Ward, TV's Robin of "Batman and..." Yup. So, I'll talk ABBA with you any time you want. I am not ashamed. (Well, not anymore.)

Anne (in Reno) said...

Wait, Burt Ward as in Robin from the Batman show I watched every Sunday at my grandma's house? I KNEW ABBA was cool! Thanks, lsaspacey, I feel much better now ;) although I kind of wish I was in the ABBA fan club back in the day, I wasn't that cool back then, sadly. Ah well.