Saturday, August 9, 2008

more celebrating, in a small way

I rode to the Farmer's Market this morning on Matt's bike (helpful brother-in-law still has mine). They were having a sale on crookneck squash, $5 for all you can fit in a bag. So I rode home somewhat lopsidedly. And made zucchini bread and zucchini fritters, but all with yellow squash. Then I weighed what I have left - I've still got 6.6 lbs. of squash. Silly me. But what a deal! My sister may get some zucchini bread this afternoon. And some squash. I love cooking. Especially when I am not doing it while putting off my thesis!

Last night we did a little more mild celebrating (a friend was having an ugly tie party). And my tie was the ugliest there (Matt wouldn't wear it). Very festive, it was covered in a holly and berries pattern and went horribly with my otherwise cute outfit. It was a blast. Most of the girls didn't wear ties so the host had to go find ties for them. But not me ;)

Anyone got more good zucchini/squash recipes?

And this p.m. a friend is coming by to look at our broken and also insanely installed A/C unit. Hopefully he can give us some useful advice, although it seems like the heat has kind of broken for a while. Low 90's I can deal with. But when the CA fires were really bad we were getting a lot of smoke and the news kept telling people to stay indoors with the windows closed and the A/C on, and we couldn't. And it sucked. So hopefully he can help us out, or at least tell us who to call. Just in case.

Then we are going to a second-run showing of Kung Fu Panda. Yes, yes we are.


Alana in Canada said...

I went to allrecipes (dot) com and typed in "squash" 200 recipes popped up.

Here's a link:

Thanks for the reference to May Dreams. I found her blog a while ago, but I wasn't checking it. That was a great post. Thanks.

Enjoy Panda!

Alana in Canada said...

Wouldn't you know it? I found a bunch more at


The author of this gardening blog is Kathy Purdy.

Anne (in Reno) said...

I better get on these, there are a ton that look good! I've only got about six left after I made the "zucchini bread" and the batch of fritters, AND sent some home with my sister, so hopefully we won't get totally sick of them before we're done.