Friday, September 19, 2008

All quiet on the ... wait, where am I?

Nothing too exciting of late, but I have to share a couple of gardening triumphs:

1. I made Matt his favorite green-bean based Thai dish for dinner the other night. With green beans I harvested the same day from my own backyard. Verdict: awesome.

2. I found out who is making all the little divots in my planting beds. And I guess it's a triumph for my aim of getting more wildlife into my garden, because it is what seems like a bajillion tiny quail! I wish I could get a picture of them in situ, but they are skittish. I have one bed where nothing is taking off and I might have to go put a couple of supportive rocks around my more wimpy plants, but still, yay quail! Verdict: moderately awesome, plants will just have to cope.This weekend I am trying to get Matt to drive to Nevada City with me, we've got friends down there and it should be a really pretty trip right now. I might also read up on some quail habitat, to see if I can encourage them to stick with other parts of my yard where the plants are less wimpy (although that may be why they like it there, it's not so crowded) and see if there are any good seed-bearing grasses or something I can plant for them to nosh on...

"The majority of their diet in California consists of Filaree, Turkeymullein, Barley, Clover, Lupine, Burclover, Deervetch, Oak, Poison oak, Star thistle and Pigweed." from here. Now I just have to see which of those will survive up here/are not totally nasty. I like wildlife and wildflowers, but I draw the line at planting invasives or stuff I am allergic to.

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