Sunday, September 7, 2008

Quick Post: Spotted!

This weekend my parents were here (again, long story) and my dad helped me build three big raised beds (I get to build the fourth on my own, cue ominous music). But the point is, I planted a weedy little salvia this spring and last week I finally moved the viburnum plant that it is overtaking, it's about three feet tall AND wide, if not more. And my parents were over with my sister and the kiddo and we were all having breakfast on my back patio (a triumph in itself considering how my backyard used to be, plus, scones!), and we saw a hummingbird come to the giant salvia! Twice! I wish I had a camera! Hopefully all my new agastaches and purple salvias will mean more hummers next summer! Along with the honeysuckle that I need to convince up my fence... pictures soon! I promise!


scb said...

A hummingbird! What a delight!

Anne (in Reno) said...

I know, it's amazing what excitement can be garnered from the littlest of things (literally, it was tiny)! I hope there are more! I planted a bunch of new stuff that they should like so hopefully next summer there will be lots more (we're sticking with the looong-term planning here).