Sunday, September 28, 2008

Curses! (frivolous interlude)

I am getting tired of Anthropologie. They have these gorgeous sweaters that I totally want and they never go on sale! Who can pay this much for a sweater when you have no idea what the quality is? Or, ever? They are the sweaters of my dreams, and they are so hard to find - they aren't cropped, they have long sleeves and they aren't totally boring. This is why my wardrobe is totally boring. Interesting clothes are either too expensive, or not made in my size. Sigh. Good collar, interesting buttons, green, what else could I ask for? Maybe not being $200!

I am so tired there is no way I will be posting properly tonight. I did a six-hour stint in the yard yesterday and was so tired I had to take a shower sitting down. Today, I cleverly did a four-hour stint in the a.m. before it got hot, and then took a break for lunch and a nap, and then did another two hours in the evening. Not much of a weekend, but I did a number on that yard! Pictures when I've finished fussing over the little picky bits.

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Zack said...

This is a very cute post :)