Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The REAL most wonderful time of the year.

In Nevada, I think fall is the nicest time of the year. It's still nice and warm in the daytime, and cool and crisp in the evenings, but not too cold to still get some work done in the yard. It'll only be getting colder, so in a belated inspiration from here, these are some of my favorite things about the cooler weather:
  • I get to take a break from the yard. I love it, but it is getting too cold to work out there for hours every evening and now I can bust out my sewing machine and start thinking about Xmas presents... (no, I'm not that organized, I only said thinking about).

  • It's tea weather again. Time to bust out the electric kettle and up my peppermint tea consumption by about 4 cups/day. I only drink peppermint or chamomile at home, and peppermint is my daytime favorite.
  • Netflix. Need I say more? Ok, cozy blanket, couch, cup of tea, nice movie (probably British, with Matt in the background squealing "Oh Mister Darcy!" in his best Monty Python little old lady voice)

  • Sweaters and scarves. I love me some woolly knitwear. Summer is nice and all but I never feel fully dressed without a large obnoxious scarf and I have been busting them out again for the first time this past week. I have a HUGE scarf collection and I'm always excited to get to use it!
  • More inside time in general. I am a major nester and there are always projects to be done - things to be painted or refinished or something.

  • Also, winter cooking. Breads, roasted things, stews, warm hearty things that don't require the barbecue. I am a bit of a reluctant Q'er, especially as it gets cooler, I just don't have the patience to babysit a piece of meat when I could just be sticking it in the oven. And my oven is so awesome that I use it all the time (it DOESN'T heat the house up, despite what Matt says, that's why we got a new one and it works great).

  • Holidays. Soon, but not too soon. I like just thinking about them for now, and making little mental plans and lists for what I am going to make for people.
I will miss the gardening triumphs, but it was COLD this morning. And it is getting dark way earlier already. So I will have to say goodbye soon, but not quite yet...

What is your favorite season, everybody?


scb said...

I definitely like fall the best as well, even though I know that if fall comes, can winter be far behind?

I love the colors of the leaves (although I also love to see the green appearing in the spring, after far too long spent staring at bare branches).

I love the coziness of it. Using the oven again, as you say.

I also love the fact that the mosquitoes are far less in evidence than they were in the summer.

drwende said...

Oh, I'm a fall person too, probably as a holdover from the days when that meant the start of school. Also, the part of California where I grew up has excellent autumns.

Ironically, this year, fall will be something we drive through somewhere around Wichita, since we'll leave a Phoenix that's in the 80s (if not the 90s) and arrive in a Minneapolis where snow is imminent.

Zack said...

Hmmm tough choice. I think summer. I used to hate summer and love winter. But now I do enjoy being outside. Of course where I live now there is no such thing as seasons, so I guess my answer should be,


oh, and in your house, wouldn't you want the oven to heat it up? :P

Anonymous said...

I like fall too--you make it sound really nice! :) I like leaves and apples and sweaters...I also like spring as the blossoms start to come out...hate summer, though. Not much to like other than longer days. Oh, and I suppose the beach is nice, but I spend a weekend there at most!