Thursday, January 1, 2009

Karma (is probably not the word I'm looking for here). Maybe "Giving Back" or something.

Lest you think that my holiday was all frivolity and festivities (which, fair enough, is all I have posted about), there was a little meat there too. Or at least food for the soul of some sort.

Yes, this is the token do-gooder hippie holiday post. With a dash of self-improvement too.

We didn't buy fancy presents for anyone except eachother: this means family all got homemade stuff, granola, spiced nuts, peppermint bark, or locally made jam from the co-op. If they didn't get stuff like that, or sometimes along with that stuff, we got the Reno family all memberships here. They need the $$ to stay open so we figured memberships there would be at least as cool (if not cooler) than something fancy that they wouldn't use. Also, yay for supporting local organizations!

I started my first week of volunteering at the co-op. They now have over 1300 members and over 200 volunteers and I am spending a couple of hours of my Sundays there helping out now. Local food is something that makes sense to me so I like the idea of putting some time in there. If I can get it somewhere local I would rather, even if it isn't as pretty sometimes, it all still tastes good. And as close as we are to California, they do supplement the local stuff with slightly less local organic produce just so they have a selection. But that's where I was able to get my locally made jam for Xmas presents too! They support local farms and businesses so I like to support them back. They also give me ideas for new things to cook and/or plant in my garden come springtime. When I was doing some filing I noticed that several local restaurants are also members. Now I think that is super cool. Also, yet again, more supporting of the local organizations.

And for my improve-y type New Year activity, I have found a photography class at the local art museum that I am going to sign up for. The in-laws gave us a pile of cds of vacation photos and I was poking fun at the spotty quality until I realized that I really can't do much better. This is a getting-to-know-your-camera class designed for people who got new digital cameras for Christmas and I am totally going to get to know my camera, even if only to post better photos on here!


Sarah Von said...

What fantastic holidays! I would have been totally thrilled to get a membership to any place animal related :)

lorijo said...

how great! I wish there was something up here like that :( You would think living in farm country it would be a no brainer- but no.

Anonymous said...

Ok, enlighten a foreigner - exactly what is a co-op like the one you're volunteering at? And what do you do there?

Anne (in Reno) said...

Emma, the co-op is like a tiny grocery store but it is membership-based and the members volunteer there. The main purpose is to make produce and perishables from local farms easier for people to find - big grocery stores more commonly use bigger providers and not small local farms and thus the food has to travel a lot farther. This stuff is only what is in season and is predominantly organic and I think it's worth supporting.

Zack Sheppard said...

...and on Flickr.

I finished you last sentence for you. you're welcome!

Also yea for the co-op! I also love that place. Sara volunteers there as well. Maybe you will see her :)