Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The trouble with Etsy

I'm only moderately crafty. But I have been doing some thinking. I suddenly have a pair of weddings to go to in June, and I am trying to repress the urges to buy pretty dresses for both. So I have been doing the oh-so-trendy "Shop My Closet", and I think I can come up with two attractive outfits. But I want something to spice them up. Something cheaper than jewelry.

I swear I could make something like this myself. And it makes the "What to do with my hair?" conundrum slightly easier. What are the odds it would be cheaper for me to make a couple of little feather hair clips than to get them (with shipping) on Etsy.

I suppose we also have to keep in mind that I will be too picky to be able to find the exactly right thing on Etsy and assume that I will be able to find good feather options in Reno. Hmm.

Or should I just do some specific requests for my birthday and save myself a project... but that's no fun.


lorijo said...

do you have a Hobby Lobby in Reno? They have lots of feathers. ( I use them in my dolls) Also all the other stuff needed to make that. Don't forget the glue gun.
If no Hobby Lobby, then any rather large hobby or sewing shop should have feathers. I don't know why- but they are kind of everywhere...

Marianne said...

Go for it! I'm sure you can make something really cool yourself.

And if you find you have a knack for it, you can open your own Etsy shop! MWAH!

Sarah Von said...

Good lord that is lovely! I suspect it would be perfect for wearing 'to the races.'

Anne (in Reno) said...

Ok it's off to the craft center this weekend then... we may already have a glue gun from one of Matt's stranger projects so I just need to keep the feather-buying under control. Thanks for the encouragement ladies!