Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Weekend recap/ the joy of having a card reader

Ok, here's the holiday weekend recap with pictures finally! I went home to see the fam on Thursday night - my mom has Fridays off. So Friday we went to the city and met my sister at the Asian art museum for the fantastic Afghanistan exhibit, followed by lunch at Citizen Cake (very nice but a bit overpriced/ overly full of themselves). Then we got to go get my grandmother out of the convalescent home and take her back to her house, which we were all very pleased about (especially her). We watched Kung Fu Panda instead of going out, which was fine by me. The animation is gorgeous and mostly makes up for the weak-ish story. The casting of the celebrity voices, however, distracted me at times trying to figure out who they were.

Saturday I went and cooked my grandmother breakfast and hung out while she got her medications and things sorted out. Then the parents and I went and had some camera practice time on 17-Mile Drive and a super nice lunch at Roy's (not cheap but worth every penny). I cooked them dinner for once and then we watched Get Smart, which was much more entertaining than I expected (other than a few wince-inducing gags). Also, Anne Hathaway is gorgeous and I want all of her costumes. And props for a minor role for one of the Reno 911 guys!

Sunday I went to Namama's in the morning again to hang out and then we went to the city to go do some more camera practice at the Conservatory of Flowers. Parking was INSANE due to the recent reopening of the California Academy of Sciences bu we found a spot eventually and I am always a fan of the Conservatory of Flowers so that was really fun.

Then we rolled across to Berkeley and had lunch with my sister before heading home. Monday I got to spend the morning with my grandmother again and that was nice because that meant I could schedule her physical therapist to come and I got to talk to him before I left, and that meant that she was distracted having him there so it wasn't quite so sad when I had to go. Of course my flight was delayed and I bought the world's most revolting energy drink at the airport, but now I am home with my sweetie and although it was a great weekend, it is nice to be back.

P.S. Click on the pics to enlarge.


Zack Sheppard said...

Sounds like a good trip! I like the pics too. Congrats on the new camera :)

lorijo said...

wonderful pictures!