Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Supplemental info for yesterday's question:

This is the rug that I don't want my chair to fight with. It is really this bright.

And, as I was totally going to post earlier, this is my beloved new couch not fighting with the rug. It is totally neutral and boring, but SO comfortable, and way less hideous than the gray recline-y one that Matt wanted (it literally looked like a dead elephant and was only going to get uglier with age).

So maybe a modern botanical with black and one color out of the rug? Sigh. This was never going to be easy, but I didn't think it would be quite so hard. One color out of the rug could basically be any color in the rainbow, that's how I justified my leafy green accent wall on the facing wall in the entryway. Maybe leafy green and black?


drwende said...

I see why you're frustrated!

With the new photos... I'd go for a solid on the chair... the blue of your throw pillow, if you like that color.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm...now that I've seen the carpet (totally the star of the show!), what if you went with a really cool texture instead of pattern? A heavy-duty linen would look very cool, or maybe a waffle weave? I know that there are more exciting textures out there as well, but I can't find any good links. Anyway, texture would allow you to have the chair fall on the modern side of things without competing with the rug. Good luck!

lorijo said...

1. I like the rug.
2. neutral colors on such a big piece of furniture (sofa) are a good idea. Not boring. Smart.
3. I would go with a solid color on the chair (is it an oak rocker?) but I would have the fabric be a tonal modern botanical or a natural, textural fabric. If I can find some examples I will post them. Good luck!