Saturday, April 25, 2009

I am SO behind!

So this might be a little bit of a random, stream-of-consciousness update:

Yesterday before work the dentist determined that, even though I wear a night guard now, I STILL grind my teeth enough that it is wearing down my teeth and giving me cavities. Grr.

I then was SUPER productive at work and found out that somebody has started locking the back gates early. When I was still out in the greenhouse. They are pretty darn secure. I ended up jumping the fence to get back to the lab. That seems ridiculous, considering the lab was still full of people - what if they had needed to get out to the greenhouse and, like me, DID NOT HAVE A GATE KEY? This necessitated a very polite phone call to the gate-locking people which determined that THEIR hours were 7:30 to 4:30. So basically screw all you people who want to work until 5. Double grr.

Then we had a very sedate girl's night out - I managed to get my sister-in-law (very quiet, polite Chinese concert pianist) to make Matt's brother babysit the two little girls and we got her to come out for dinner. So it was low key but very nice.

And this morning was the triumph! Due to Nevada's tax structure, a lot of stores have their main warehouses for some big places like Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Patagonia here. This morning was the Skagen warehouse sale. So not only did I get myself a new casual watch, I got an awesome watch for my dad for his birthday (he is high on the impossible-to-shop-for list), got a new battery for my good watch and got it polished (it was all scratched up since I was wearing it every day), and finally took a pair of necklaces in to be repaired. This was all stupid little stuff that I just hadn't dealt with in forever. So it was very satisfying to get it all done.

And on the way home, there was a guy selling fresh strawberries. Score!

P.S. there was a detour for yard stuff too, if I get yard projects done this afternoon I will post pictures, I swear!

P.S.S. Like the new look? I guess it is a bit springy, that wasn't intentional but I like it!

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lsaspacey said...

I'll have to get used to the new look, I first thought I went to the wrong blog! I've been putting off a change to mine for a while but maybe I'll get it done now. Change is hard for me.