Monday, April 13, 2009

I survived!


Friday night was peaceful by comparison - everybody was tired from driving so they came over, had dinner and bailed. The kiddoes were too tired to dye eggs so that got put off for another day. I made a pasta dish and my dad drove to his favorite barbecue joint and brought back meat. It was relatively chill, surprisingly enough.

Saturday, we trekked up Mt. Rose with family, thermoses of cider and sleds. Helpful brother-in-law's even more helpful brother (whom you may remember from garden posts past) brought a sled that was about 7 ft long so there were unexpectedly great amounts of adult sledding. As in, I can fit on it with my dad. And that much weight on a big ass sled means SPEED. Who cares about the kids? Well, truthfully I can also fit on it with at least two kids safely so that happened too. Also, my upper butt/lower back is SORE. But it was worth it.

Saturday evening we celebrated Matt's birthday. We did burgers and turkey burgers and salad and it was not too crazy. And I picked up a gorgeous cherry black forest cake from the awesome (but too expensive for anything other than the occasional birthday) Austrian bakery right by my house. Even those of us without sweet tooths (sweet teeth?) were angling for seconds so I consider it a success. And Matt loved his presents too, so double success. However, I forgot candles, so -1/2 success point. Then I put down drop cloths and bailed while the kids dyed eggs in my kitchen. There were at least two parents/grandparents per kid (4 kids, age range 2ish to almost 6) and they only had 3 doz. eggs so I felt fully justified in getting the heck out of there ASAP.

Sunday morning the weather was totally sunny and beautiful and one kid was home throwing up (as-yet undetermined reasons but he is two and cake and candy etc. is all a bit much so hopefully it is not contagious). So I hid eggs and baskets for three kids only. This was a bit funny as it is still early spring in my yard (hence no pictures until everything leafs out a bit more, it is a bit sparse and freshly planted looking right now) so I kind of went down the path looking for plants big enough to hide an egg in. Good thing there weren't too many eggs...

We had ham and smoked salmon and awesome walnut strudel and good things from the Bavarian bakery by my work and cleverly enough, I managed to make it so the only things I needed to cook/assemble were the asparagus and the salad. My cousin stayed with us and her boyfriend brought fresh produce from his farm so that got incorporated, a couple of friends came and brought a pear kugen (kugel? something like that) that was very popular. And I made other people disassemble the ham and salmon so I didn't have to. It was great. Everything was delicious and we have yummy leftovers for dinner tonight.
And most of the cleaning doesn't need to be re-done. There was only one major red wine disaster and thankfully that was pretty much all on the couch. The 10-year guaranteed stainproofed super-toxic whatever of a couch. We got it all out. With water. It was AWESOME. A nerdy triumph.

And I looked cute as all get out. With this on.


lsaspacey said...

Thanks for the fashion commentary! That IS a really cute outfit, love the shoes.

Anonymous said...

Super cute outfit! I notice the clarks!!!