Sunday, April 26, 2009

I did it!

The seeds are in!

Carrots (pre-soaked) are interplanted with spring radishes - the radishes mature earlier and don't grow quite so deep, so they will be out of the way before the carrots get anywhere. Beets are the only other attempt at root veggies, I've never done ANY root vegetables before so this is very exciting.

Mixed greens and kale are my other attempts, I am doing two different types of mixed greens so we will see which ones we have luck with. The little extra space is for either one more type of greens that do a little better with heat (depending how the first batch does), or a second batch of carrots interplanted with summer radishes (better tolerant of heat than the spring ones, apparently).

The empty side of each bed awaits the Co-op's grand opening, which will include a spring seedling sale. There the goal is to get tomatoes (mostly cherry) and peppers for the rest of the beds. The messy trench on the left is for viny things. I dug it out and added a bunch of amendments so that is going to have my attempts at stuff that needs room to sprawl: zucchini and possibly melons if I'm feeling adventurous (I'd stick a cucumber in there if I liked cucumbers, but...).

Next on the list... get the metal recycling out of here. Talk about ugly! Hopefully it will be worth something at the recycle place, it's a bunch of old iron fencing and stainless steel rings from old half-barrels that were made into planters (and promptly fell apart). Soon it will be gone and in it's place the fight will begin with the neighbor's intrusive (but pretty) wisteria.

Other sundry places in the (slightly shadier) perennial border already have some very happy strawberry plants and quite a few aromatics. After the last frost I will also be adding green beans (at least two teepees worth, if I don't have time to build a third), and a bunch of basil. Basil plants go crazy if I hide them in the shade behind my shrubs. They are kind of up against the fence and a little bit inconvenient to harvest, but they are so happy there that who am I to argue?

What is going on in your gardens? My perennials are greening up so I am trying to leave them alone and just concentrate on the edible garden project for now.


Anonymous said...

What's going on in my garden? You're kidding, right? Hell, we're just past frosts here! But no, seriously - dealing with the balcony (sadly that's all I have) is on the to-do list for he weekend - exciting!

Anne (in Reno) said...

You think it's not still freezing at night here? I'm just hoping we don't get another random storm because that could still mean snow and my lilacs are starting to bud! The last frost here won't be for another couple weeks if not a month!