Thursday, April 2, 2009

I'm in looove with my yard

So let's just say I am pretending it is spring. It was 70 last Saturday and I managed to get lots of yardwork done AND the first sunburn of the year! Which of course means it's supposed to snow tonight. So if everything survives that and if the weather is decent I will be doing some more work out there this weekend. But I have made some progress:

The flagstone patio is the newest achievement - that is what the forsythia will be surrounding (eventually). Right now it is just an improvement on the view from my kitchen window. I'm also thinking about putting out the birdfeeder I got for Xmas so I can see it out the kitchen window. I figure I spend a lot of time there doing dishes etc. so I might as well have a good view!

And yeah, I could have stood to move that hose. Oh well. Next picture.

I am waiting on this bit, I will be getting some seeds in this weekend but no tomatoes until the snow is off of Peavine! The decomposed granite will hopefully help keep the mud down:

And the title reference:

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