Monday, July 13, 2009

Mixed Weekend Update

Hmm. So I did a lot of sleeping this weekend, I can't tell if this is just really bad allergies or what. But I doped myself up on allergy meds and painkillers and got a little bit of stuff done around the house, went to a fun show that we were at for about two hours longer than I'd have liked to stay (not a reggae fan, sorry), and took a little drive out to the new outlet stores outside of town on Sunday afternoon with some friends. It's actually really nice, it's all around a main walking area with fountains and trees and some hit-or-miss art. So I really tried to get only stuff I needed (I have a little list), and only ended up getting one non-list item (GORGEOUS sweater dress on super sale from BCBG Max Azria Final Cut, which is apparently their outlet's outlet). So I didn't feel too bad about that, and it was a nice day to have a little walkaround. Not much excitement other than that.

Next week I leave for camp, so main goals this week are minimal:

1. Feel 100% healthy
2. Pack all my gear up for camp
3. Go see UP while it is still in theaters
4. Put the rest of the backyard on soaker hoses so Matt has a minimal chance of letting it die while I'm gone
5. Book travel to UT for Sept. wedding
6. Stock up fridge for Matt before I go

Might add more to the list before this weekend, but the goal is just to get this all taken care of. The only cramp in my style is Saturday I went to get gas and the nice dude offered to check my oil and then pointed out that I had been driving with a leaky radiator. As in, there was a crack along the whole thing and green goo leaking all over my engine. So that was fun. But I got it taken care of. New radiators ain't cheap. But done.


Anonymous said...

Ok, help me out here: what's a sweater dress?

Anne (in Reno) said...

Um, a heavy knitted woolen dress that is basically a very long sweater. Maybe the equivalent of a jumper? Just guessing there.