Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Quickie Holiday Weekend Update

Friday - my parents came in to town and we had a big family bbq. I picked up a massive amount of halibut at Costco and grilled it. Yum! Recipe as follows:

Take 1 lb. halibut
Rub it with olive oil and lemon juice.
Sprinkle with s&p to taste, and cover with slices of garlic and branches of oregano and rosemary.
Wrap carefully in tinfoil - not too tight but you don't want it to drip out.
Grill on medium heat for ~10 mins. per side, or until opaque in the middle.
Enjoy with a squeeze of lemon.

Matt decided we need to do this again so we can make fish tacos out of it. It makes for very moist, flaky fish.

Saturday we were bums and took naps and mostly slept through the fireworks.

Sunday we were bums and I watched Sabrina and took a nap. Sabrina (the original) holds up very well, I remember watching it as a little kid and I could not figure out why she ended up with Humphrey Bogart instead of the much more charming William Holden. It makes sense now. Although looking it up via imdb, she was 25 and he was 55 when the movie was made. So I can see how that would make no sense to me as a little kid.

(That's me with the tuba, and yes I am the youngest person in the group by about 30 years. It works.)

And last night was our second concert at the Marina. AND IT WAS WINDY AGAIN. I know, this is Nevada, I should just deal with it, but we had to tape our music stands down so they wouldn't blow away. That is not conducive to good music, I'm sorry. Mother Nature? We need to talk. Next Monday? I need 78 and sunny, with no wind above 5mph. Thanks!

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Alana in Canada said...

If I can persuade the weather to cooperate, I'll let you know.

You look pretty good with that tuba, you know.