Friday, July 17, 2009

Ummm... (more vaguely garden-related stuff)

I'm not sure if this says something good or bad about me. I was looking out my kitchen window and there was a quail family hanging out in my backyard. From where I stood, it looked like one of them was lying down funny with the others huddled around it. Thus, of course, I had to bang on the window frantically to scare the whole family away just to make sure the one lying all weird wasn't dead. Morbid, eh? Of course they all immediately got up and ran away. So I guess it's all good. Sleeping quail babies apparently just have odd posture.

I still pride myself on my wildlife-friendly garden (yeah baby!), the more I work out there, the more birds I see, which is nice. I still have a bird feeder that I am debating whether I should hang or not. The thing is, the quail like to have little dust baths in my flowerbeds and can make a huge mess, so while I'm not going to work that hard to deter them (I put rocks around one plant after they tried to squish it to death during said dust baths, that's about the extent of my efforts though), I don't really know that I want more. I swear, all my problems should be this bad ;)

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scb said...

Oh, lovely! My sole knowledge of quail is from Thornton W. Burgess's story about Bob White -- I think bobwhite and quail are at least similar. ??? Loved your story (glad the little guy was okay), and love that pic!

drwende said...

My sole knowledge of the quail is that the appropriate wine to accompany it is viognier. ;-)

SCB is correct: the bob white is a form of quail. And the avian dust baths are very cute.

Anne (in Reno) said...

Sounds like a bobwhite is a more northern version of my little guys - I saw another pair in the afternoon, the male was strutting around and looking out for trouble while the female was fluttering around giving herself a little dust bath. It was pretty cute, every once in a while he'd go do a little waddlein her dust bath and go back to strutting around her.

That said, the picture is apparently a male, the females have much less contrasting color around the face/head area and their little topknots are smaller. We're verging on disgustingly cute here now.