Monday, October 13, 2008

Back! And The End.

So I had a fun weekend at home hanging out with my family, and I did some fun cooking because I had HELPERS. I just have to get them to do it again at Christmas. I also did a spot of shopping, buying some nice basic tees in bright colors on a walk with my sisters and some delicious honey and jam from the Farmer's Market.

And The End. While I was gone, we had a good, hard freeze. So, no more green beans, no more fresh stuff from the garden. Sniff. I've still got stuff to do out there though, hopefully next weekend won't be raining or anything because now I need to cut down my teepees covered in frozen beanstalks and pull the other stuff that froze (and in some cases, note which ones did freeze and don't plant them again) and mulch shrubs and do all the tidying up that my garden still needs. I've got my fingers crossed for decent weather, it's been in the 20's at night the last few days and they got quite a bit of snow while I was gone (it didn't stick, thank goodness). I'm just glad the last of my decomposed granite pile isn't frozen solid, I need to get it into the beds before it gets covered in snow or something. There isn't much left, at least, a couple hours and I could have it all taken care of. I just need a couple of sunny hours...

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