Monday, October 20, 2008

Sigh (again).

It gets depressing every once in a while to be looking at shoes online and realize that everything in my size is either orthopedic or lucite. Apparently you don't get feet my size until you're 75. Or a drag queen.Can you blame me for loving these? There couldn't be a more impractical shoe to fall in love with in October, as I wouldn't be able to wear them until probably April. Le sigh. That does mean they're on sale, though. Le double sigh.

On another, mildly less frivolous note, I got my beloved little Honda back from the shop today and the brakes feel so nice and cushy now (bonus points for not squealing anymore, too). That and a 5,000 mile service and winterize, means I should SO not be looking at impractical sandals anyways. Le triple sigh.

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