Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Front yard project pictures (finally!)

Welcome to my place. It is brick, and generic, in a little tract house neighborhood. And that's pretty much ok by me. However, it did have about a billion square feet of lawn. Thus...

This is now ALL THE LAWN WE HAVE. That is big. Or, more accurately, small. It is enough to sit on or for someone small to kick a soccer ball on or for someone furry to roll around on. That is plenty for me. Although the barrel on the right is not going to stay. In the spring when we reseed, that corner is going to get the rocks removed and get seeded like the rest of the lawn, we get enough grass growing in the rocks anyways, I figure.
This side used to be all lawn too. That was a lot of lawn. I don't know when to take pictures here since it is either too sunny or too dark, so this is it for now. The junipers are fine, they'll never die so they can stay. The tree is my new baby, I love it! The rest is decomposed granite (somewhere between gravel and sand) and it acts like a mulch for keeping weeds down. In the spring I will be planting hardy, attractive shrubs here and it will look much nicer. For now though, it's tidy. It also keeps going - there is another tree on the right there and there was MORE LAWN. All DG now, thank goodness.

Here is a close-up of the edging on the lawn side. This used to be full of rocks (see top R corner of pic) and they were suffocating my shrubs. So maybe now these guys have a fighting chance. That is the DG around them now, I think it looks really nice and clean here, especially compared to those nasty spider-filled rocks (ew).
This is my path, just so the other side isn't completely boring all winter (just mostly boring). Future plans include Russian sage, more barberry, some of that low-growing juniper, and maybe some big tufty grasses for contrast. With some rudbeckias and echinacea for color. So I call this a good start, for now. And it snowed last weekend, so that will have to do. Until about April, probably. At least it looks neat and tidy now.

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