Monday, November 23, 2009

And We're Down To The Wire (with updates!)

Where were we? Aah. That's right. In the nice clean kitchen (ha). I am so on this shit.

Weekend before:

make stock for gravy (done)
clean house (not half bad)
attempt to make space in fridge (pretty good)
roast spiced nuts (or in this case pick up a big bag of good-looking tamari almonds at the co-op)

Day Before:
pick up rolls (lookin' good)
make cranberry (nice and tart)
make pies (burned the crust on one but for some reason the other is looking perfect)
make white bean dip (done, yum, no snacking!)
iron linens (?!)
put together "guest bedroom" for sous-chefs (all taken care of)
make sous-chefs iron linens? (not so far, maybe tomorrow)
clean veggies (green beans and crudite-type action for appetizers, sous-chefs got it covered)
corral necessary serving bowls and utensils (eh, in the morning)

Day Of:
stick turkey in oven
deal with green beans (possibly do in a.m. and reheat?)
set tables
put out appetizers
make gravy
heat up sides

make coffee
make whipping cream
serve pies
make more coffee


drwende said...

I admire people who do advance work on Thanksgiving. I never start cooking until late on the night before.

lauralynne said...

How nice to have sous chefs---also, nice that you are able to delegate. I delegate, but hover. Not pleasant.

Anne (in Reno) said...

I am working on my delegating. Also my doing of stuff in advance. I want to be able to enjoy tomorrow instead of being all crazy. Also, I love making lists just so I can check things off of them.