Wednesday, November 4, 2009

I'm Marvelous (I'm Meme-velous?) Questions 1-5

Would you rather eat Reese's Cups or Peppermint Patties?

Sigh. Before the no-nuts debacle it would have been Reese's in a heartbeat. I love me some creamy fake-pb goodness. Peppermint patties are fine though. But now it is usually straight milk chocolate or the kind with little crispy rice bits (hippie Crunch bars, basically).

Would you rather never listen to music again or lose your TV?

Lose the TV. No question. As much as I love Project Runway and NOVA, 99% of TV adds nothing to my life and I don't really think I'd miss it if it was gone (although I do love my Netflix). But give up music? I might die. No concerts? No Noisettes on the iPod while I'm in the lab? No drone-y Indian music during yoga? No way. That said, tonight will be the first night this week that I don't have band practice, and now we're going to a concert Saturday night too. Music is a HUGE part of my life.

If you could visit any one time period in history, when would it be?

This is a toughie, I'd probably go with the 60's just to see the changes going on, even though some of them were sad ones, it was so vibrant and interesting and it wouldn't be going back far enough to one of the women-as-chattel, no-personal-hygiene periods like the Renaissance (which I would be ok with if I could be male, and maybe a Medici or something).

Would you rather die peacefully, but unexpectedly in your sleep at age 60 or die at 90 after suffering for years from disease?

90/disease. As unpleasant as it sounds. My grandmother is 102 and not in perfect health but if she had died at 60 I never would have met her. She got to meet all her grandchildren and lots of great-grandkids and seems to still enjoy the time she has with us. So I'd rather not give that up.

Do you think that questions such as "what's your favourite colour/ice cream/album of all time" help you get to know another person?

Hell no. This may possibly be due to my complete inability to choose a favorite anything. I like too much stuff a lot to pick out any single favorite thing.
Shortcuts like this just don't cut it for me.
I agree with the points made by others (lauralynne? I'm already mixed up on this meme) about how the small questions can be good starters for discussion and lead to bigger questions and more depth to the conversation. But I'm just bad at them.


Anonymous said...

what the hell? who needs to know all these personal things i what i want to know.

damn busybodies. A(iR), you need to put your foot down on this one. you ain't gotta answer to No One but me n matt!

Anne (in Reno) said...

GP, it was a group meme that I helped put together so it was kind of implied that I should actually participate as well. My question comes later on. Nobody needs to know all these personal things but if I wasn't a little bit of an over-sharer why would I blog at all? It can't be all book and movie reviews all the time :P

scb said...

Please don't tell me that the pb in Reese's is fake!

It is so very interesting to read other people's responses to these questions, guiltypartner's comment notwithstanding...

Anne (in Reno) said...

scb, I went and looked it up, peanuts are actually on the RP ingredients list. So fear not!

And I love a good meme too!