Monday, November 2, 2009

Annie Are You OK? Are You OK? Are You OK Annie?

Yes, I'm fine, Matt just dragged me to see This Is It last night. I did enjoy it, although not as much as he did (he's a HUGE fan). I'm no apologist, I just enjoyed watching them put together what was obviously going to be an amazing spectacle of a show. I loved seeing them putting together all of the effects and videos to go along with the songs. The band was amazing and the dancers he found were fantastic. And dude could still dance like crazy.

And H'ween was low-key, but I did love my costume.
We'll give everyone else black bars for anonymity, but we've got my date Boba Fett (clearly on his night off) and my witch friend with her date the Invisible Man (the Ace bandages lasted for about 10 mins. before he had to take them off, but I like the idea). And yes, my hat was lopsided but I did fix it (every 15 minutes or so, for the ENTIRE night). It made the costume though, I got tons of compliments on it. Although the veil makes me look like I was going to a very sassy funeral.


terander said...

Annie - you look hot! Love the blood red lips!

Alana in Canada said...

That was the most annoying camera work I've seen in a long time.

I just wanted to watch his moves. Man, he could move. I'd forgotten.

guiltypartner said...

galactic bounty hunters are hot.

but HE was the lucky one. you look spectacular!

Anne (in Reno) said...

Emma, thanks! They were my favorite part, I kind of think I might go for them as an everyday look now...

Alana, try this version:

Might be a little bit better, I just couldn't embed it.

gp, thanks! I feel special ;) When we got to the party Darth Vader actually showed up too, I wish I had pictures.