Saturday, November 28, 2009

I Made It!

So Thanksgiving was a relatively mellow time and a general all-round success. The turkey, while my instructions confused the butcher, came out fine and cooked relatively fast for a 20 pound bird. We covered it in bacon, among other things, and it was generally moist and tender and is currently almost gone. I have one wing and one leg left over (sans thigh - so, drumstick?). Green beans came out lovely, could have used some nuts but I wasn't quite that on it. My butt was pretty much covered by the fact that they were RIDICULOUSLY GOOD green beans to start with. I love the co-op. Stuffing and yams were brought so I take no credit or blame but they seemed fine too. I have no pictures.

I also got stuck doing the potatoes at the last minute. Thus, I had absolutely no interest in peeling them. So they became onion potatoes instead. My helpful aunt sliced them smallish and boiled them. I sliced up an onion and sweated it in bacon fat. The boiled potatoes then got mushed into the onions and salted. It's pretty basic. It could have used another onion and some more bacon fat but it was fine for the totally unexpected last minute.

Cranberry sauce and chutney both went over well and the pies were a huge success. The pumpkin streusel was a hit and I really wish I did have a picture of that as it came out particularly beautiful (my pies are usually strong on character and weak in the looks dept.) but suffice to say it went over well. I made little leaves to put on the crust and they looked dopey but in the oven they puffed up and got all golden and nice so that was particularly satisfying. On top of that, everyone whom I requested to bring a dessert actually brought two. So we sent people home with some of their pies just for the sake of my waistline. There was my brandied pumpkin pie and my pumpkin streusel, a decent apple pie, a gorgeous looking pecan pie and a lovely peach cobbler. And whipped cream and custard. But no ice cream. That was apparently a huge oversight on my part. Whatever.

So a general success. And last night we took my aunt and uncle out to bars to see rock bands. My parents kind of floated through the 60's listening to the Kingston Trio and the Limeliters and the Clancy Brothers (all of whom I love but are generally folkies). My aunt was the youngest and she and my uncle are the hippies of the family. So we got to take them out on the town and hang out in bars with rockin' bands and they seemed to have a great time. And now I just have to recover. I think naps are in order. And vegetables.

Also, no shopping. Black Friday passed me by with brisk walks and turkey sandwiches and that is just fine.

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