Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Moving On.

We will burn the Xmas bridge when we come to it. For now, we focus on T-Day. Only 20 people, and the turkey is already ordered. Most of the sides and desserts are being brought, so I just have to pick up the little piddly things like rolls and cranberries. And maybe some green beans.

How do we all feel about green beans? I haven't ever made them for the holidays as I am not a traditional casserole fan. I don't do things that involve canned soup but I do love me some green beans. I was thinking of just blanching them and then tossing them with a nice mix of exotic mushrooms sauteed in butter and white wine. Still festive but not too heavy, I figure. Any thoughts/suggestions?


scb said...

I love Thanksgiving Dinner. I can't stand green beans. So I'm no help whatsoever, but glad the dinner's mostly taken care of, so you don't have to be running around madly.

drwende said...

I like your mushroom idea, as I keep thinking gb & mushrooms should work together. I've also done blanched green beans with a drizzle of orange juice and almonds.

mamacita said...

Martha has a new-fangled green bean casserole that might be worth looking into. You KNOW she doesn't do canned soup.

Marianne said...

Trader Joe's carries fried onion pieces that come in a canister, like shoestring potatoes. They are delicious on green beans (and lots of other things, like salads and sandwiches). Green beans topped with garlicky breadcrumbs could be really good, too.

Alana in Canada said...

When I have green beans, they come from a package with a Green Man on it and got straight into a poit to be boiled.

I have no idea what a green bean casserole is: nor can I imagine why anyone would want to make a casserole out of green beans.

I like your idea very much as I'm a huge fan of mushrooms (and white wine).

Alana in Canada said...

"...and go straight into a pot..."

Yikers. Sorry about that.

Anonymous said...

Tossing them with mushrooms sounds lovely.

I love them sauteed with lots of garlic but that is perhaps not the best for the holiday table.

I also really like them served cold with a vinaigrette.