Friday, June 5, 2009

Friday Weirdness

A little early weekend insanity. Super catchy and strange but not exactly for the squeamish. Robbie Williams did have a brief moment where I liked him. It's mostly over, but this video is still particularly well done and unusual. And weird weird weird. Also, not quite what it looks like it is from the preview (it's basically safe for work and worth watching to the end). I kind of love it and think it's hilarious, and it won a MTV Video Music Award for Best Special Effects. Apparently controversial at the time of its release, the original ended with text stating "No Robbies were Harmed During the Making of this Video". And it always cracks me up.

It has been continuing to rain buckets so tonight we are getting the hell out of Dodge and going to visit friends in the Nevada City area. Where it is probably also raining buckets, but still. Road trip! Hope everyone has a lovely weekend.

And sorry if the video either a. creeped you out or b. got that song stuck in your head.

Edit: be prepared, the final stupid wedding frivolity post may be this weekend, dresses 1/2 were both failures but dress 3 comes today...

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Zack Sheppard said...

This is one of my all time fave vids. :)

You have inspired me. Video post!