Thursday, June 18, 2009

The Movie Of Your Life?

Stolen shamelessly from Miss Sarah Von - if your life was a movie, who would you want to star?

Well, since it's a movie, the last actress I got compared to was Scarlett Johannson, and I liked her early stuff before she went all bombshell - so we'll go with her.

It's the adventures of a band geek who wants to be a jock, or possibly a jock who wants to be a band geek. Watch the undergraduate hijinks as she moves to Oregon and moonlights as a late-night indie DJ for a tiny radio station and ends every show with a track from this album - just because she can. Whether it gave her nightmares or not is not in the story.

Witness her move to Reno and attempt to break in on the local classical music scene (harder than it sounds). Smirk at her meet-cute with one of her sister's friends who thinks they should "play some duets sometime" and her total obliviousness to the pickup line, followed by her showing up at his house with a tuba...

Follow their travel adventures as she branches out from quiet suburban life to including sleeping on a lot of random floors and getting walked in on in the shower by an 87-year old British man not once but TWICE (a scene played for hearty laughs with an excellent body double). Watch as she attempts to channel both her inner Martha Stewart and Ina Garten while her husband tries to have band rehearsals in the living room and then has to reschedule around her band rehearsals in the living room. A quirky indie shot in saturated 60's color with a bumpin' soundtrack (that's another whole post right there).

And for my tall, dorky, scruffy love interest, I vote Clive Owen.
Would you watch? I promise it's a comedy... and possibly an adventure? We'll see.

Edit: forgot to pick a director, I'd have to go with John Schlesinger, mainly because I don't really know directors and he directed one of my favorite movies ever, in which style I would love my movie to be as well... also, he happened to direct one of the best thrillers I have ever seen (and I hate thrillers), Marathon Man. Watch it, and read the book. I highly recommend both (which is very unusual for me).


drwende said...

I'm howling with laughter... and the early Scarlett does look remarkably like you.

Having no grasp whatever of movie conventions, I'll remain an innocent bystander on this one. But I'd definitely watch yours.

scb said...

I'd definitely, but definitely watch your movie... and I've gotta come up with my own movie (after I post my Poppins Post tomorrow morning). If I was doing a cinema verite piece about right now, this minute, there'd have to be something about "Why did someone just scream loudly outside on the street below my building???" I wonder what's going on... Do I really want to know?

lsaspacey said...

Hmmm, maybe I'll try one? I'll have to think about this and get back to you.

I agree with drwende, that Scarlett picture sure does look like your icon (only picture I've ever seen of you) What does your husband think about the male casting?

scb said...

I just posted my "movie". It's not as much fun as yours, and I don't get to have a leading man (although there's one in a dream sequence...)