Friday, June 26, 2009

Oh Crud.

I have found my kryptonite. It is called the Banana Republic Factory Store. I may never be allowed to go there again.

Although, I have to say, after having hit panic stations at "Wedding #1 is tomorrow and I hate everything I was going to wear" time, they may have totally saved my butt. On my lunch break. In the form of a bright teal dress and the perfect summer-weight jacket (a.k.a. Annie's shopping holy grail, as in, possibly mythical, never cheap), and therefore, pretty much the perfect wedding outfit. I just HAVE to wear it to all three weddings now. No more shopping.

Pictures may ensue if I can convince my date to wield his camera (or mine) for a noble cause.


Cookbook said...

I love the BR Factory Store, but my own personal kryptonite is the J. Crew Factory Store. Which I justify because it's so, so much cheaper than Regular J. Crew.

drwende said...

Having achieved this, I think you now need more friends to schedule weddings.

Anne (in Reno) said...

Yeah they just opened so everything is on sale and they gave me a coupon so I will go back (damn them!). And I know of at least two more friends potentially getting married soon (beyond the two weddings in Sept.) so I will have to see if I can work on the proverbial "remixing" soon.