Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Another update post with a terrible title (but pictures this time!)

For the quickie weekend recap: the wedding was a smash hit, I got to sit at a table full of old friends and their new friends and get back in touch with people who I never should have let get out of touch. One of them was the officiant (a.k.a. dude who did the marrying bit), one of them was in the bridal party (other than the bride) and I got to sit with the rest of them! The food/cake was all very nice but unmemorable (fine by me) and it was in her parents' beautiful backyard with a view out across the Santa Cruz mountains. The ceremony was adorable and the whole wedding party was incredibly photogenic so I need to do a lot of sorting through pictures. However, this rampant photogenicness (photogenicity?) meant I was in almost none of them. So here you can see me in the awesome teal dress while we're disco dancing (thanks Zack!). Bride and groom are at the front, I'm behind the officiant (linen suit man). Also, the wine was very good. Hence possibly why pictures exist of me disco dancing. Hmm. The dress was a qualified success, I want a chunky necklace for it (but what color?!) and it could probably use different underwear. However, it was like 100 degrees out there most of the time, so it gets mucho extra points for breathability (oh the things we never think of). Zack gets a million bonus points for driving, too. We took his little bro's Mini Cooper and it is such a fun little car! If I could guarantee nobody ever had to sit in the backseat, I would SO have one of those little guys!

We also had a little time to play with my new magnifying filter on my camera (much cheaper than a macro lens, but still, sigh). This was not at the wedding:

And these are from my very own garden, with my very own camera. Snazzy!

Aaaand... Monday was my band's first gig at the Marina - there is a bandstand and we set up there and played some classical, some showtunes and some popular stuff. We got a decent crowd for our first shot at it and totally sounded respectable despite the blustering wind (although it did slow us down a bit). We ended up having to put sheets of plexiglas on our music stands to keep the music from blowing away, duct tape the plexi to the stands, and then duct tape the stands to the ground. Did I mention it was windy? Next week we'll get the word out better so we've got a better crowd, but this was totally respectable for our first show in a new venue. And I'll work on getting pictures of that too!

P.S. click any/all pictures to embiggen.


drwende said...

The dress looks great on you!

And let's face it, finding a dress with flattering proportions at our height is a huge triumph.

Alana in Canada said...

The dress in fantastic! Your new lens thingy takes lovely close-ups too. Nice!

Anne (in Reno) said...

Thanks ladies! I'm sure there will be more pictures of the dress as further weddings ensue... and more flower photos ;)