Saturday, June 20, 2009

Sailing away... (saleing away?)

I'm up early (too early) getting my tiny garage sale ready to go. And for proof that Reno residents really don't "get" Craigslist, I've already received an email offer for help and an email request to come take a look at my daybed. For one, who wants strangers helping at their garage sales? And for two, I listed some of the big stuff I'd be getting rid of, and nowhere on the list was there a daybed.

The rest of the day will be aimed at some more reverse consumerism: the return of an ambitious but overpriced lipstick, getting a price adjustment on my wear-to-the-weddings sweater which went on sale four days after I sucked it up and bought it, and an attempted trade-in (apparently Sierra Trading Post will actually let you trade in your old hiking boots for credit towards new ones if they have good tread left - mine have good tread but magically have stopped fitting after seven years. Go figure).

So we'll see if I end up ahead or behind at the end of the day. And at the end of the day, I can either go to a metal show (hmm) a hippie jam fest (lots of friends will be there, at least), or an unidentifiable musical event of some sort in appreciation of women (at which there will be champagne and roses). So far options 2 and 3 are winning, with option 1 falling off the bottom of the list. Go figure.


A said...

Do shops allow you to return lipstick and things that went on sale after you bought them?

Anne (in Reno) said...

If I remember correctly, if it went on sale after you bought it, you can return it, but you only get back the sale price. In this case, I had the receipt for the lipstick and stuff like that rarely goes on sale so I got the full price back. The sweater, I had bought and then it went on sale so I took the receipt in and they gave me back the difference - $25! I wasn't sure if they would do it so that was great!