Sunday, June 7, 2009

Weekend Update

We took a little mini-vacation this weekend! Unfortunately, I forgot my camera. Friday night we drove down to Grass Valley to visit friends. It is so beautiful down there right now with all the dogwood trees in bloom along Highway 49! Unfortunately it was very rainy and there was some nasty roadwork on 80 on the way home. But we had a great time visiting friends and going to the Nevada County Farmer's Market - I came home with green beans, artichokes, cherries, olive oil, bread, and kale. Since our Farmer's Market hasn't started yet, this was a real treat!

Last night after we got back, I cooked dinner for the Lucchesi family as it was my father-in-law's birthday. I cooked up the green beans and tossed them with some chopped tomato, red onion and the awesome olive oil. I made a salad that included radishes from my very own yard :) and I cooked up a beautiful piece of halibut that we picked up on the way home. How gourmet am I?! With homemade berry cobbler and homemade coffee ice cream for dessert, no less! Farmer's Market was apparently inspiring...

Today I did some projects in the yard that may or may not bite me in the ass... it has been pouring rain for a week straight so my garden has gotten HUGE. I ended up transplanting two decent-sized Russian sages and two gaillardias from the backyard into the front yard as they were getting too big for their britches.

Then I also transplanted some sage, a firecracker penstemon, several strawberries and a paprika yarrow. They were in kind of random spots and needed more space so I spread them out and clumped them with more of their own kind so I'll eventually get some more swaths of color instead of random pockets of stuff all mixed up. It has been so wet that everything is super happy and I think they will adjust well to their new spots. Hopefully.

And finally, dress #3 came and I am happy enough with it - the large was clingy and the XL is a tiny bit loose but I think it looks much better. I have a great strappy pair of red sandals and a gorgeous berry-colored clutch so all I need to decide on is jewelry and something to keep me warm. These are the current candidates:

Sundance Karine cardigan in ivory

and Miss Marianne's beautiful vine earrings
that I have been coveting for months.

The upshot is ideally something in this neighborhood, I just hope it's not too boring:

P.S. this is the actual bag, etsy and polyvore just don't speak the same language yet. I figure with T-minus three weeks to the actual wedding, I am doing comparatively well!


Anonymous said...

I like that outfit (and esp. those earrings!) I'd never seen Polyvore before...very cool!

Anne (in Reno) said...

Thanks, I hope it looks that good in real life! Polyvore is fun but a very addicting time-waster, so be careful!