Monday, September 14, 2009

Back in Action

So after a weekend with family visiting to celebrate one birthday, another weekend visiting family in the Bay Area, and a trek to northern Utah to celebrate a sisterly wedding, I'm back. Matt has decided we need to take a class or something together to ensure we actually SEE each other now. I told him to come to yoga. Because he can't join my new band.

Yes I started a new band in between running around. And this weekend I am STAYING HOME so I can copy out music for us. I have a lot of friends who compose so they are very frowny about copying music but it is darn hard to keep track of music for five people and have none of it go missing. So thus, everyone gets copies of their parts and the originals live in a nice file in my office. So when somebody loses a trombone part I can just go copy off a fresh one for them. Not that the trombone player ever does that. Well, yet.

(brother-in-law, sister, nephew with Doggie, me, Matt, dad and mom cut off, featuring the B. Republic outlet dress and Etsy necklace in action. In retrospect something in the Spanx neighborhood might have been ok as the dress is a bit clingy in the midsection (the bride wore double Spanx as her dress was clingy and {cue ominous music} cream-colored satin).
This is sisters in age order plus the lone cousin (blue skirt, also in age order).

Anyways, to skip most of the recapping, the wedding was adorable, cloudy but no rain which was nice as there was a full-on thunderstorm late that night. Ceremony was under the trees in a park and reception was in a tiny Italian restaurant. Rain would have sucked as we were out on the restaurant patio since we couldn't all fit inside. It was a long trip and much heavy travel food was eaten. So when we got home we immediately went and got Pho. Pho is comfort food. It makes everything better. Also we had no groceries.

That was basically it for the whole weekend (colored t-shirts plus nice white cardigan and big earrings is plenty nice for northern Utah). There was sisterly spa time which all my sisters loved and decided we should do yearly until I pointed out that my dad would probably only front the cash for this one time (none of the rest of us thought this up before we got married, so no excuses). Matt and I snuck in a visit to the Temple in downtown SLC just to get a little cultcha. It's a little creepy. Possibly more thoughts on that later. Also more about the band. Because it is WAY BETTER than my old band. I just went and bought a bunch of new music for us. So here's a clip to end on.


scb said...

Sounds like a great sisterly time!

I'm eager to hear more about the new band... sounds like an excellent thing to do.

And speaking of music, the link you gave me in my music post didn't work. Maybe if you do a tinyurl ???

scb said...

Correction to my previous comment -- the full url was in the email version of your comment, so I was able to access it, and yes! I enjoyed it! Thanks for sharing.

Alana in Canada said...

Sooo glad to have you back! I'll have to have a listen in the morning as the boy may not be quite asleep yet and I don't want to wake him. (He heard me listening to scb's "South Pacific" clip and asked me groggily, "Mom, is that opera?"

But hey--I love, love love that collage of your clothes and stuff. I clicked through and it's just decadent. I may want to play with that--though it's unlikely I could ever actually own any of those clothes.

Anne (in Reno) said...

SCB, glad you liked the link! I am so excited about the new band!

Alana, the link is not likely to wake anybody up as it is pretty quiet but I hope you enjoy it too! Polyvore is absolutely addictive, it's my favorite way to virtually pack for a trip before I leave (I still overpacked though, it was much warmer than I expected). Have fun with it, but not too much fun!