Saturday, September 26, 2009

In The Interim...

We have a new system in this house. We try and always go out on Friday nights. That way when you wake up on Saturday morning it feels like Sunday. And then when Sunday rolls around it's like a three-day weekend! Or something like that.

My point is, we went out last night and Matt has a gig tonight. Which leaves me to make plans or not. So I went to the Farmer's Market and bought $30 worth of fruit. Then I went and bought a pile of jars. And now I am catching up on the bit of Return of the King that Matt watched after I fell asleep while my pot of peach chutney simmers on the stovetop.

It's my Christmas plan - the last couple of years I've been buying fewer Christmas presents and making more. And where can you go buy peach chutney? It's fantastic with any kind of roasted meat - chicken, pork, or probably beef (I don't eat much beef so I'm not actually sure on that one). It looks like it's going to add up to less than $5 a jar in the end(partly because I didn't have enough jars and had to buy some new ones instead of hitting all the thrift stores and amassing them one by one. That's for next year). So I thought I could pair them with little jars of some kind of spice rub or something. I've got all these herbs in my backyard, I'm thinking I'll start drying some of them and see what I decide to use.

And Return of the Kind still stacks up pretty well, I'm kind of over the Arwen storyline but I always love seeing Eowyn get to kick some ass in the end. By the time this stuff cooks down I might be done with this movie. Good thing this is the extended edition...

Full recipe with details and all the cooking blog-style photo action tomorrow, I promise!


Alana in Canada said...

Yes, recipe please! It sounds wonderful.

Any idea what I can do with 7 litres of bartlett pears? I bought a case. I don't know why.

There were prune plums, too, and I LOVE those. How hard would they be just to dry, I wonder? two or three prunes can really satisfy a sweet tooth!

Anne (in Reno) said...

My first instinct with pears is this recipe

which I have been contemplating for weeks. Then I see that it only needs one pear. Then I google Pear Butter Recipes. Somewhat like apple butter and good for large quantities, and it looks like you can freeze it if you don't have the canning setup (I don't).

I think you could probably dry the plums pretty easily, I have oven-dried tomatoes in my oven and I imagine you could do the same with plums... good luck!