Sunday, September 20, 2009

On Being A Locavore. And A Nerd. And David Bowie Rocks.

So we are having minestrone for dinner. I may take to calling it Backyard Minestrone now. I am ON MY GAME.

Chicken stock? Homemade.
Zucchini? Home-grown.
Herbs? Sage, rosemary and possibly oregano. All from le potager (what I would start calling my backyard if it wasn't really just a couple of raised beds and a planter of herbage).
Tomatoes? You guessed it. Two kinds.
Green beans? Two kinds, I had to pick them apart because I think the Romanos lend themselves better to soup while the Blue Lakes I want to eat raw. Right now.

White beans? Whoops, these are from a can. Organic though, because I'm a fucking hippie.

Onion? Carrots? Squash? From the co-op because I'm lazy. Still organic though. Hippie. Maybe in next summer's garden. This summer's garden, while not up to my overall expectations, is beyond awesome.

Lessons for next year? More raised beds for the zucchini and more greens. More space for the tomatoes and much burlier tomato cages. Fewer beans per teepee (they get crowded). Overall? I'm already looking forward to next May so I can put these lessons into practice. Does this count as preachy when I'm just having so much fun?

And just for fun, from one of my favorite movies. The neighbors' peach tree leans over into our yard now and this year it is mature enough to have gorgeous fruit all over it. But, it has earwigs. I picked a peach and it had a split in it and I looked inside and there were earwigs in the pit and it gave me the SCREAMING HEEBIE JEEBIES. And then all I could think of was this. I can't find anything with the bit right after the song - after this scene she sees the peach is full of bugs and she freaks out.

Also, THIS.

H/T Michael Moschen for the hands. That guy is a genius. Terrible music though.

Off to volunteer at the co-op now. Fucking hippie.


Anonymous said...

I don't think you're preachy. And I think your minestrone sounds awesome. I really, really can't wait for my own garden!

Alana in Canada said...

I want to see pictures of your garden! Yes, even the potager. Especially the potager. waaaah, I want one.

And no, you're not preachy. au contraire. I'm glad the kids weren't reading over my shoulder. (I'll have to listen to Mr. Bowie later.)

Anne (in Reno) said...

I will take pictures before everything freezes, I promise! And Lauralynne, I love your garden plan, it is SO much more ambitious than mine!