Saturday, September 19, 2009


This is what flickr gives you if you type in "cranky".

So I started a new band, right? My trombone player and I wanted to play new stuff with new people, so we're gonna. And I'm insanely excited, right? Well our new french horn player knows the french horn player in our original band and now she (old fh player) is in a huff because we didn't ask her first to be in our new band. Because I'm only allowed to play with the same people in this town? I knew I should have started a tuba quartet.

And I don't want to piss her off because I LIKE HER and I still want to be in one group with her, just not two. She's already in other groups without me, so why can't I have my own group without her, dammit?! I am trying SO HARD to be tactful, as bone player's response is, "want me just to tell her it's none of her beeswax?" which is true, but not helpful. Grr.

I just want to tell her don't piss in my cheerios, dammit.


guiltypartner said...

you shouldn't have to explain to someone why you want to go off and be creative with another collaborator. i mean, i can understand why you wouldn't want to cut ties, especially in a local music community.
but at some point, people need to pull their head outta their asses, and stop being so offended at the actions of others.

damn french horn babes!

Anne (in Reno) said...

Ha, tell me about it. My trombone player (who I started the new band with ) is SO impressed with my tact. But he thinks it isn't working. So we have determined if she keeps this up we are on the same page and will drop band # 1 if she pushes us any more. Just surreal that it has come to this.

Damn french horn babes is right!