Thursday, September 17, 2009

Maybe Back In Action Was A Bit Optimistic

Back really to running around trying to catch up on stuff from being gone.

Total distraction by a sample sale email for one of my favorite outerwear designers
before I remembered that 50% off is still WAY out of my price range. So looky at the pretty coat! Sigh.

Dinner party tonight, the menu plan is steamed white fish (whatever looks good) with daal (love you Trader Joe!) roasted cauliflower, green beans from the yard and naan (Joe has me covered on the ethnic food + lots of vowels). I'll have to check out his chutney selection while I'm in the neighborhood too.

And RIP Mary Travers:


scb said...

Love the coat! Too bad it's still too pricy. Sigh.

Your dinner sounds impressive. Enjoy!

And finally -- I love that song, the guitar duo, the harmonies, the words... I loved Peter, Paul and Mary. She will be missed.

Anonymous said...

you're totally gonna make me cry with that PPM clip!

lsaspacey said...

Oh, god, I had no idea about Mary! So sad.