Monday, March 22, 2010

In WT's Stead

My excuse is, I went home this weekend for my grandmother's birthday.

So instead of photographing my clothing, which I am perpetually reticent to do, I give you photographs of where I was.

The new science museum in Golden Gate Park is pretty awesome.

I am willing to bet it is even more awesome if you are about seven years old. Although the anaconda and the white alligator both made me jump. The aquarium part is kind of dull but the Monterey Bay Aquarium has always outclassed them there. However, the rainforest and the swamp are both totally worth the trip. Also, pardon my uncropped photos but a friend fortuitously installed Windows 7 on my lappy and I have yet to reinstall Photoshop. I highly recommend clicking to embiggen and I will post the rest on Flickr soon. But this is my excuse.

Task-wise, I am not doing so badly. My piles will follow soon, and I have very little stuff that currently needs repairing due to a recent spate of mending. And any undergarment issues (which there unfortunately are due to my semi-recent mild weight loss [which was not the unfortunate part]) will be addressed next time I have a chance to hit Nordstrom’s while in the Bay Area as I don’t trust anyone in Reno to measure me properly. Does that make me a snob? Or was it the trip to Victoria’s Secret when I couldn’t PUT ON any of the recommended (and overpriced) undergarments? The world may never know.

Joyous Colors are greens, blues and purples. Greens can be most parts of the spectrum from lime to leaf while staying away from forest and darker greens with too much blue. Blues can be pretty teal, ranging into royals and navies, as long as we stay away from Easter-eggy pastels. Strong colors are always preferred over Easter-eggy pastels, although some heathered soft versions of JC’s have snuck in. Purples can range from dark with lots of blue in them to magenta to verging on fuchsia, although my current favorite is something J. Crew calls “vineyard” which is appropriately grape-y. My eyes are green, which, depending on your color wheel, would put my complementary color at orange or red. But my skin has lots of undertones, pink and yellow and orange depending on how I look at them, so I have pretty much despaired at finding a flattering red or orange (my single solid-color orange shirt makes me look like I’m headed for a children’s Halloween party. And also possibly ill). The color I love that I try and avoid is gray, or my whole wardrobe would be shades of gray. I love it, but it does not love me back.

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