Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Wt Again: Piles, Sans Photos

Velveteen Rabbits
Last summer I found a couple of t-shirts from the Gap that were the perfect flattering weight, stretchiness and came in interesting colors. So of course I bought 5 (coupons plus sales, huzzah!) and now they have magically started to pill like mad. And since I’ve lost a little weight the two tees I loved in great jewel tones with a flattering slit neckline have gone from flirty to saggy at the bustline. And I am not allowed to buy cute patterned knit tops from the Banana Republic outlet any more as they immediately start to fade and pill. However, they are the most flattering cuts and patterns (non-outlet BR, will you make these tops in better fabrics? I will pay real prices for them…).

Torture Devices

Most of these have been cleaned out in past sweeps. Although a couple of the favorite tees are borderline here. A couple of the decent blouses might belong here just because they are such diva garments – a red and cream patterned blouse that I get endless compliments on but cannot figure out how to wear, an awesome tank with studded detailing at the neck that I adore so much I bought it in two colors but also cannot figure out how to wear, and the Halloween costume blouse with the ruffle that looks so good under stuff as long as I don’t button it but I have no idea how to style it by itself. I think it might be too busy for me. Some of these problems may be solved as soon as the weather warms up, thus potentially transforming these three blouses into Stalwart Staples, or perhaps Superstars if I can figure out how to style them usefully.

Um, give me a minute here.

Stalwart Staples

Banana Republic again, am I predictable? I swear if you wait for sales they and the Gap are comparably priced and their quality is better. Anyways, they do a v-neck knit tee most summers that I now collect, as the cut is absolutely reasonable and the fit is predictable. They are not too short, the weight is moderately flattering and every once in a while they come in a great color. I even bought one in a (gasp!) crew-neck cut because it was such a shockingly beautiful royal blue. ONE, count them, one zipper cardigan which is the best thing ever for wearing to work and is verging on rabbity if I don’t figure out how to de-pill it soon. One v-neck purple sweater and one gray crew-neck sweater also fit in there. Two black fleeces and a black sweatshirt also fall in here by default as they are respectable and useful for layering at work, albeit not exciting.

Same Time, Next Year
My long-sleeved J. Crew tissue tees. These are the best bottom layer ever when it is cold. Also most of my sweaters, as I have terrible trouble finding lightweight sweaters that don't change their shape as soon as I put them on and shove the sleeves up to my elbows. So there are some fabulously flattering wool turtlenecks in here and an adorable burgundy wool cardigan, but at least they are wintry weights so I won’t miss them too much.

Sentimental Journeys

I have a t-shirt stack. Band tees predominate, and there is room in the drawer for them. I hate crew necks, and NEVER wear t-shirts as I am not remotely t-shirt shaped. I generally wear nothing with logos unless it is a band I ADORE. But still these stay. Such is life. They are too cool to get rid of.

Mysteries of the Lost Shopping Trip
These are mostly gone by now, due to past purges. That Torture Device/Halloween blouse might be one, if I can’t figure out how to style it. Because I paid real money for it and that kind of kills me. A couple of the lightweight sweaters might go here too as I only wear sweaters as an outer layer and they are very flattering but can’t be worn over a t-shirt. Layering is key, apparently, and non-layerability should be a clue for me now. But they are very flattering and I wear them each about once a year. Sigh.


joyq said...

Banana Republic... yeeesss! I live for the day I can go on a shopping spree there.

Anne (in Reno) said...

Joy, it is worth popping in and checking on their sale rack sometimes, as they will do cleanout sales where all the stuff on the sale rack is an additional 20-40% off. Suddenly they become a good deal!

Middle Aged Woman said...

No BRs around here, unless I want to go to the endlessly over-hip mall, which happens to be in the town where I used to teach. No desire to run into students while looking for clothes! I'd love to see that red and cream blouse...

Anne (in Reno) said...

MAW, you're on. Also, the beloved and flattering red and cream blouse is actually from Ross, FYI. Everyone just thinks it's from Banana ;) And I could see it being weird to run into students while shopping, but hey, you need clothes too!

Anonymous said...

Hey - why don't you make a t-shirt quilt from your "sentimental tees"? I'm making one out of the tees I had/got during my first year on exchange in Canada - just haven't been able to part with them! I figure this way they'll still be with me!

I'll let you know how I get on!