Monday, March 15, 2010

WT Again (The Tasks)

1. Remove one (and only one!) unsuccessful item from your wardrobe. Mildly exciting - a couple of pairs of pants I have grown out of. They're too big! And baggy, falling-down pants drive me bananas as I am firmly anti-belt.

2. Do the opening questionnaire. See previous post (two back, I believe).

3. Find yourself some sources of inspiration on personal style. As seen from the questionnaire, I like period movies as style inspiration. All different periods. Even sci-fi, when it comes down to it. I have pretty much given up completely on fashion magazines except for use as light airplane reading, and I am mostly over the style blogs, having unsubscribed to many of even the more accessible outfit-a-day blogs because they are just not my style (sorry, academic chics, you are all very stylish but you wear heels all the time). One of the few fashion blogs I still read is The Glamorous Grad Student as I love her writing style and I am particularly fond of her Style Inspiration posts. I like that she's looking for inspiration too and not just following the dictates of the magazines.

4. Do something that makes you feel good about your body. There will be a pedicure (for me, by me) sometime in the near future. Also yoga on Wednesday night, possibly followed by some St. Paddy's Day celebrating with the yoga ladies.

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The Glamourous Grad Student said...

I'm so happy you still read me and that I am providing something useful. Thank you!