Sunday, March 14, 2010

WT - Just For Fun

I guess by rights I should be talking about 1950's-era clothing more than 1940's. But anyways, I went hunting for some dancing clips because I am tired of moving pavers in the yard. Try here first, or here, not exactly practical outfits to emulate but talk about clothing made to move with you. I can't find any good pictures of Cyd Charisse today, for some reason. But here's another clip (an actual embeddable one!) so you can ogle Cyd some more and watch her make some boring clothes look good just by making them move.

And for SCB -

I think that's about as country as I get. I think it's about as country as she gets too. Also, tragically, apparently she dyes her hair. So the only thing keeping me from having hair like that is wads of cash.


scb said...

Thank you for posting some Neko Case for me! I will listen to the clips in their entirety in the morning (just listened enough tonight to get an idea... have to admit I wasn't expecting a country sound when I clicked "play"...)

Cookbook said...

Yeah, she dyes it for sure. But still...I wish. ;)