Saturday, March 27, 2010

WT By Request - Photographic Evidence of a Couple of Diva Garments

Both in situ in the only flattering ways I have found to wear them (you'll have to trust me on the first one). Black shoes, black jacket and black skirt. Hat with veil is optional. As is date in Boba Fett mask. Clickable to embiggen.

For clarification, shirt #1 is flattering but has an oddly high wrap collar and little fluttery sleeves. It just seems to look best on it's own. And shirt #2 is also flattering and has a nice subtle polka dot going on, but has an off-center ruched ruffle all the way down the front that makes it hard to layer with and work around. Also, the ruffle seems to pull at the hems (top and bottom) and make them want to start turning inside out and I don't know how to fix that (you can actually see this happening in the picture). So these are my diva garments, any opinions on them are welcome.


Kerry said...

This is so funny--I have that red and cream blouse too. Seriously, I just pulled it out of my closet to double check. In my case it is more of a Stalwart Staple--the collar is flattering and it doesn't show too much cleavage for the office and the fluttery sleeves are not ideal but okay.

drwende said...

Both tops sound as if they're too snooty to be worn with jackets and are in fact happiest on their own.

For the ruffled one -- would a stitch or two at the top and bottom prevent the seam from turning inside out?

Anne (in Reno) said...

Kerry, do you wear it with a jacket or something? I guess it would be a nice work-wear item if I didn't work somewhere totally filthy.

Wende, I need to do some investigating on that top, stitch-wise. The thing with me is I don't tend to do well with tops that can't be worn with other things because I am always cold. In the standard desert way, everywhere indoors here is heavily air-conditioned and I don't acclimate well.