Monday, March 29, 2010

WT Again - Next Batch Of Piles, Even Fewer Photos

Jeans are my predominant bottoms – right now the status is something like 2 properly long pairs (can be worn with heels or cuffed), one awesome sailor-style pair of widelegs, and one slightly short pair that is becoming the beater pair. Otherwise, pants include one pair of khaki cords and one too-large pair of dress slacks (is it worth taking them in when they are just my job interview pants?), as well as two pairs of yoga pants in brown and navy that are possibly the most comfortable pants in the world.

Skirts are next on the list. I found a great stretchy flared black cotton skirt at a Patagonia outlet sale and wore it so much I went back and grabbed it in both lime green and bright red. These are sadly all getting rabbity as I wear them so much in warm weather. Lower on the popularity scale are the skirts that can’t compete but they do try, a navy one and a patterned one, neither are as nice of fabric or cut so they don’t get worn nearly as much. The other category is denim, in which we have the awesome “sailor” pencil skirt that looks nice with almost anything, the casual, faded A-line skirt that might get retired as it fits a lot bigger than it used to, and a faded, hipster gray one that may retire for the warmer weather because I’m not sure what else to wear it with other than a black turtleneck and black tights. Anything else and I feel like some sort of pseudo-hipster. Mental note: Diva garment! Nice skirts there are a few of which actually get hung up in the closet – one is a proper black pencil skirt which will be great until it starts to fade on me (knock on wood), you can almost see it in the previous post. The next is an adorable flared brown skirt from the Anthropologie Total Fluke Sale Department, it’s brown and stretchy but has an awesome woven detail that you might actually get a picture of as it is my favorite thing ever. The third is from the Macy’s Total Fluke Department. I never go there but I was actually walking through on my way somewhere else and I had to stop. It’s a cream-colored skirt with large polka dots in red, orange, black and white. So it goes with lots of tops and still looks dressy. I’d say I need more like it but I’m actually pretty well covered in the dressy skirt dept. for as much as I wear them.

The rest of the list is sad shorts and capris. One pair of workout capris I never wear and two pairs that Matt has actually told me he doesn’t like – used-to-be-black and used-to-be-jeans. They are great for yard work and messy projects. There are only two pairs of shorts. I hate shorts. One pair is baggy, unflattering and khaki and one is board-short style. Clearly I need to invest some time here. Capris look good on me as long as they end right below the knee (or I can cuff them to there). I think a couple pairs of decent capris are on my list for summer now, as well as possibly one pair of those long Bermuda/city shorts if I can find some I don’t hate. I still have weight-lifter’s thighs and stuff that emphasizes them makes me uncomfortable (I’m fine with them on me as a body part as a general rule but I have never found shorts that are comfortable, well at least not since I stopped playing basketball, and I have NEVER found shorts that are flattering. Ever). The shorts may all just go away. We’ll see.

So the shopping list has expanded to include one more decent pair of non-jeans pants, one nice pair of capris and one stretchy, yoga-style pair, and hopefully one pair of shorts (something I don’t HATE). Also a couple of cotton skirts to replace the rabbity Patagonia skirts. I went by there yesterday and they have stopped making skirts that fit me, apparently. Now it is all about awkward lengths and stiff fabrics with weird ties at the waist. Le sigh. More on supply lines (or current lack thereof) later.


drwende said...

Argh! to skirts with ties at the waist. Can't wear it with a jacket. Can't wear it with a cardigan. Have to get the skirt to fit correctly at the exact waist, rather than the tall woman's trick of gaining length by letting the skirt ride low and then not tucking in the knit top. And then tops bunch above the fancy waist anyway. Bah!

Anne (in Reno) said...

I think you have to be stereotypically hourglass shaped and like to tuck your shirts in to make those work. Or just much more tolerant. I do not tolerate things that require tucking in and that do not play well with warmer layers.

I agree with both the Argh! and the Bah!